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The evaluations tool provides you with an opportunity to provide feedback to a specific individual, based on a form that they have created.

To submit feedback through EEE+ Evaluations:

  1. Open the URL that is provided in the request for feedback
  2. Note the information about the form, including who is being evaluated and the name of the form
  3. Press Take Evaluation
  4. Enter your responses within the form, which was custom designed for this specific evaluation
  5. Press Review & Submit to review your responses
  6. Press Submit my responses Note that the name of the individual being evaluated appears within the button

Once five individuals have submitted a response, the individual who requested feedback will have access to a list of participants. Your identity will not be associated with the results.

The participation list will include the names and email addresses of all students who have submitted the evaluation, even in those cases where the release of their information has been restricted.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I change my submissions?

Once you submit an evaluation, you cannot supplement, remove, or edit your comments in any way.

To ensure the anonymity of evaluation results, your identity is not connected to your submission. This means the system does not have the ability to provide you with your previous submission for the purpose of editing or removing the responses.

If you have made an error in your submission, such as evaluating the wrong person, the EEE team still cannot remove or modify your responses.

How does extra credit for submissions work?

Instructors may choose to award extra credit points to students for submitting evaluations. Awarding points and determining point value is at the discretion of the instructor.

After the evaluation has closed, EEE Legacy provides the instructor or assistant with a list of students who participated. This list gives no indication of which student submitted which evaluation.

This option is only available to instructors who have collected at least five evaluation submissions within EEE+ Evaluations.

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Will my identity be associated with my submission?

Your identity will not be associated with your responses.

Note that, if there is a violation of the UC Irvine Computer & Network Use Policy within an evaluation response, OIT will conduct and investigation that could yield a response association.

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I have additional questions or feedback

Please don’t hesitate to share any additional comments, suggestions, or questions with the EEE team. Your participation and feedback will help guide future development of the Evaluations tool.

Contact EEE:

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