EEE+ Evaluations

Evaluations Overview

The evaluations tool, called EEE+ Evaluations, provides a mechanism for instructors to plan customized evaluation forms, collect participant feedback, and analyze results. This tool will replace the Midterm Evaluations process on EEE Legacy.

Development of EEE+ Evaluations continues to be informed by feedback from instructors, teaching assistants and participants, research in the field of course evaluations, and colleagues in the Division of Teaching Excellence and Innovation.

What is the timeline?

OIT began working on this new tool in the 2016-2017 year. A full campus pilot was available for one year, from Spring Quarter 2017 through the end of Spring Quarter 2018.

The fully-functional version of the tool to support midterm evaluations was made available to the campus during Summer 2018. OIT continues to work on additional features, including online, official final evaluations.

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How long will results be available?

Based on the Memorandum of Understanding (Updated February, 2017), evaluation results will be available for seven years after the end of the term in which the feedback is collected.

Note: Access to the Evaluations system requires an active UCInetID. If you anticipate any changes to the status of your UCInetID (i.e. leaving UCI), you can ensure sustained access to complete evaluation results by printing or downloading a local archive of the submissions.

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Will this affect final course evaluations?

No, the EEE+ Evaluations tool will not affect the final course evaluation process at this time.

OIT has started work on the a replacement tool for conducting online final evaluations. Updates will be provided periodically on the homepage of the EEE+ Evaluations tool.

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Contact EEE with additional questions

If you have any additional questions about evaluations, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

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