UCI Canvas

UCI Customizations to Canvas

This page lists out the customizations UCI has made to Canvas. If you have questions, please Contact Us.


Last updated: Friday, October 6th, 2017

Page/Area Customization Reason
Dashboard Button linking users to MyEEE Help users find their complete class listing and access EEE tools
Footer Links to OIT, UCI resources Additional UCI branding, provide links to non-Canvas resources
Accounts/SIS Import Add a link to SIS import history Help troubleshoot issues with SIS syncing; available only to OIT’s Canvas administrators
Gradebook Button linking users to import conversion tool Help users format files for Canvas grades upload
Gradebook Button linking users to WebGrades transfer process Facilitate final grade submission process
Gradebook Text warning when “Treat as 0” is selected Help explain what this at-time confusing feature really does
Settings Redirect “Conclude Course” button to help docs Prevent users from accidentally concluding courses; OIT staff can still conclude on their behalf when needed.
Settings Link to information on course dates Provides more details about how course dates work
iClicker Registration Pop-up for users upon initial visit Provides details about how to properly register iClickers within Canvas
People Redirect “+ People” button to GrandCentral Help users add additional students, observers, and TAs
Profile/Settings Text on “Create Access Token” pop-up Encourages users to contact OIT to let us know why they need the access token