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Using Turnitin in Canvas

The Turnitin integration is available in Canvas. This means instructors can create an assignment within Canvas, for which the submissions are processed by Turnitin. Both Canvas and Turnitin assume that instructors will use either Canvas tools (i.e. SpeedGrader) or Turnitin tools (i.e. GradeMark and the Originality Score). Note that using the two simultaneously will break the connection between Canvas and Turnitin, and may result in technical issues.

Things to keep in mind when using Turnitin

Important Note: Student submission to Turnitin enabled assignments must be processed by both Canvas and Turnitin to be available through both Turnitin’s GradeMark and Canvas’ SpeedGrader. In some cases, technical difficulty can result in student submissions being available only through the Turnitin tools, and not SpeedGrader.

Additionally, if a student submits an assignment directly to Turnitin. and not through Canvas, then the connection between the two systems is broken. Instructors and TAs will not be able to access or score the assignment through Canvas.

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Create a Turnitin enabled assignment

To create a Turnitin enabled assignment:

  1. Start creating an assignment in Canvas
  2. Select External Tool as the submission type
  3. Press Find
  4. Select Turnitin
  5. Complete the assignment configuration within Canvas
  6. Click Save
  7. Optionally: Configure the additional Turnitin specific settings
  8. Publish the assignment

Once the assignment is published, students will be able to upload or submit the assignment from the Canvas course space.

Note: The first time you use Turnitin through Canvas, you will be presented with a User Agreement. Please read through the terms and conditions and click the appropriate button.

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Modify settings of a Turnitin enabled assignment

There are a number of settings that are automatically configured when the assignment is created, including due dates and available points. You can adjust selected Turnitin settings, including selecting a rubric, from within the assignment in Canvas.

  1. Open the assignment within Canvas
  2. You will be taken to the Assignment inbox
  3. Click Settings, which will open Turnitin specific settings
  4. Configure the assignment as needed
  5. Click Submit

The assignment settings should now be updated.

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Access the results for a Turnitin enabled assignment

You can access the originality report for a student submission directly within Canvas.

  1. Open the assignment within Canvas
  2. You will be taken to the Assignment inbox
  3. Click the pencil icon to open GradeMark, or click the percentage to open the Originality Report
  4. Enter feedback and scores directly into GradeMark
  5. The scores will automatically be returned to Grades within Canvas

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