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Sandbox Course Spaces

Explore Canvas using a sandbox course

You can explore the features and functionality of Canvas within a personal sandbox course. Each Canvas Sandbox is provided as a working space in which you can create content, explore the features of Canvas, explore various organizational models, and experiment with instructional designs. All materials created in a sandbox course space can be copied into a regular Canvas course space.

Additionally, you can import content (i.e. quizzes, exported courses, content from official course spaces) directly into your Canvas sandbox.

Note that the following functionality will not be available within a sandbox course:

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Create a sandbox course

Instructors can create a sandbox course within EEE+ GrandCentral using the following process:

  1. Open the EEE+ GrandCentral Canvas Sandbox tool If you have not already logged in, please do so
  2. Press + Create Sandbox course space
  3. Enter a title, then click Create sandbox

Your sandbox will be created immediately. You can open the sandbox course by clicking on the sandbox title.

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Copy materials from a sandbox into a Canvas course space

Once you have created materials within your sandbox course, you can copy those objects directly into an official Canvas course space using the following process:

  1. Open the official Canvas course space (You can click Go to Canvas Course Space from MyEEE)
  2. Click Settings in the course menu
  3. Press Import Content into this Course
  4. Select Copy a Canvas Course from the Content Type dropdown
  5. Type the name of your sandbox course in the Search for a course text box
  6. Click the button next to Select specific content
  7. Press Import
  8. Click Select Content in the row that contains your sandbox course in the Current Jobs table
  9. Click the checkbox next to each item you would like to copy Note: You can click the triangle to the left of each type of object to expand the list and select only specified items.
  10. Click Select Content

The selected items from your Canvas sandbox should then be copied into the official course space.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I add other people to a sandbox?

You can add collaborators to your sandboxes so that you can work with others to develop course space content.

To add collaborators:

  1. Open the My Canvas Sandboxes area in EEE+ GrandCentral If you have not already logged in, please do so
  2. Click Manage collaborators under the appropriate sandbox
  3. Press Add collaborator
  4. Enter the collaborator’s UCInetID and press Lookup
  5. Verify that the user information is correct and press Add collaborator

The new collaborator should now be able to access the sandbox as well as add and update content.

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Can I clear out my sandbox?

Yes, you can permanently remove all items within your Canvas sandbox using the following process:

  1. Open your Canvas Sandbox
  2. Press Settings
  3. Press Reset Course Content

All materials within your Canvas sandbox course will then be removed. Note that this does not affect the materials that have been copied into official Canvas course spaces.

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How can I access my sandbox?

You can access your Canvas Sandbox course either from EEE+ GrandCentral or Canvas.

To access your sandbox from EEE+ GrandCentral:

  1. Open EEE+ GrandCentral If you have not already logged in, please do so
  2. Press Canvas Sandbox in the menu at the top of the page
  3. Press Go to sandbox

To access your sandbox from Canvas:

  1. Open Canvas If you have not already logged in, please do so
  2. Press Courses
  3. Click the title of your sandbox course

Note: If your sandbox course is currently not visible, click All Courses then select your Canvas sandbox from the full listing

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