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iClicker within EEE+ Canvas


You can configure your Canvas course space so that you have one or more assignment scores tied to iClicker activity in class.

Instructors and TAs can use the following process to incorporate iClicker data in a Canvas course:

  1. Enable iClickers in the course space
  2. Students will register their iClicker in each course through Canvas
  3. Collect iClicker data using the standard process
  4. Sync scores from iClicker software into the Canvas gradebook

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The following requirements must be met to utilize iClickers in EEE+ Canvas:

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Enable iClickers in a Canvas course space

To enable iClickers in a Canvas course space:

  1. Open the Canvas course space (you can click Go to Canvas Course Space) from MyEEE
  2. Click Settings in the course menu
  3. Click Navigation
  4. Enable iClicker registration using one of the following options:
    • Click the gear to the right of the navigation item then select Enable
    • Click and drag iClicker registration from the bottom of the screen into the course navigation
  5. Scroll to the bottom of this page and click Save

The iClicker registration item should now appear in the menu on the left side of the Canvas course space.

You can direct students to register their iClicker and iClicker2 device through the EEE+ Canvas course space by clicking iClicker registration and entering their device ID. Note that instructions are provided to students directly within Canvas.

Important Note: If students have already registered their device at, they will need to add “+iclicker” to their email address within EEE+ Canvas. For example, “” should be changed to “”.

You can collect data using the standard process within your class sessions. For more information about using iClickers, please contact Classroom Technology Support (CTS).

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Configure a course in iClicker software

To configure your iClicker software:

  1. Download and then install the appropriate software from the iClicker website
  2. Download LMS_Wizard.xml
  3. Move the LMS_Wizard.xml file into the Resources subfolder of the iClicker software
  4. Open the iClicker application
  5. Click + Create
  6. Enter the Course Name and press Create
  7. Select the newly created course from the course list and click Settings
  8. Click Gradebook
  9. Canvas should be pre-selected in the LMS Name dropdown
  10. Click Select Course
  11. Login to EEE+ Canvas using your UCInetID and password
  12. Select the appropriate course, and click Select
  13. Click Save

Note that you can also configure your course to use iClicker Cloud from within the course settings in the iClicker software.

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Sync iClicker data

There are two steps to sync the data within your course:

Sync Rosters

To connect students’ names with their registered iClicker:

  1. Open the iClicker application
  2. Click the desired class then click Open Gradebook
  3. Click Sync Roster

The students’ names should now replace the iClicker IDs within the iClicker application

Sync Scores

To send points from the iClicker application to the EEE+ Canvas gradebook:

  1. Open the iClicker application
  2. Click the desired class then click Open Gradebook
  3. Click Sync Scores
  4. Select the session(s) you would like to upload then click Next
  5. Configure the assignment(s) as desired, then click Next
  6. Select the scores to include then click Upload

The scores will be uploaded into the EEE+ Canvas gradebook as a published and unmuted assignment, based on your selections.

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Get additional help

Contact EEE:

Picture of Erik Picture of Vanessa
Erik Kelly Vanessa Yieh
Canvas Transition Support Technology Support Specialist
Contact Classroom Technology Support (CTS) for help with iClickers

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I use iClicker Cloud?

Students can use the iClicker Cloud App on their device to participate within the course, provided you have configure your EEE+ Canvas course in the iClicker software, to allow students to participate in the course using iClicker Cloud.

Unfortunately, the iClicker Cloud app for instructors is not currently supported.

For more information about iClicker Cloud, please contact Classroom Technology Support (CTS)

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Can I use a separate gradebook for iClicker data?

Unfortunately, EEE+ Canvas currently supports only a single gradebook for each course space. The UCI team has shared this feature request directly with Instructure, but we cannot provide any kind of status on the request.

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Where can I obtain an instructor’s remote?

You can contact Classroom Technology Support to obtaining training in the use of iClickers, and to secure an instructor’s remote.

Contact Classroom Technology Support for help with iClickers**

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