EEE+ Canvas

About EEE+ Canvas

What is EEE+ Canvas?

EEE+ Canvas is a learning management system powered by Instructure Canvas. It features integration with Registrar systems (including enrollment and final grades transfer) and EEE Legacy.

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About the 2015–16 UCI Canvas Pilot Project

From Spring 2015 through Winter 2016, the OIT team that builds and maintains the EEE Legacy learning management system piloted the Instructure Canvas learning management system to gather information and gauge interest in the product.

This pilot came at the recommendation of the campus Learning Management Future Directions Review Team, a group comprising faculty and staff charged with assessing the emerging instructional technology needs for the campus.

At the conclusion of the UC Irvine Canvas Pilot, the campus opted to adopt Instructure Canvas. We are now in the midst of a multi-year, phased transition to an ecosystem of tools, with EEE+ Canvas at the center. This ecosystem will integrate vendor provided tools, such as Canvas, Turnitin and i>clicker, with tools developed by UCI, such as GrandCentral, EaterEvals, Scout, and WebGrades Transfer. OIT will continue to develop tools and facilitate connections between tools in this modernized ecosystem of instructional technology tools.

For information about the transition to EEE+ Canvas, please visit the EEE+ Canvas Transition website.

For historical pilot information, including assessment results, timelines, participation requirements, consultation, and more, please visit the UC Irvine Canvas Pilot Project website.

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