EEE+ Help Center

Help documentation and guides for the EEE instructional technology toolkit.

UCI Canvas

UCI Canvas is the learning management system for use at UCI.

EEE Legacy

EEE Legacy is UCI's legacy course management system, featuring a suite of tools to facilitate course communication, collaboration, and administration.

EEE+ Scout

EEE+ Scout features an intuitive and flexible form creator, allowing users to create forms, securely gather responses, and collaboratively review responses.

EEE+ Evaluations

EEE+ Evaluations is a replacement for the EEE Legacy Evaluations tool for midterm evaluations and feedback. All final evaluations continue to be conducted using the EEE Legacy Evaluations tool at:

EEE+ EaterEvals

EEE+ EaterEvals, a student-requested project, provides faculty evaluation results for undergraduate courses. Instructors access results directly through EEE Legacy.

EEE+ ScoreShare

EEE+ ScoreShare allows authorized academic advising units to view interim assignment scores for students who have opted-in to the service.


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